All our garden make-overs are to customers requirements and specifications.

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Thank you to Kerry and Patrick for your hard work today. We can finally use the whole of our garden. It only looked like a small area but now it is done, the garden looks so much bigger. Julie and Matt

cc001.jpg cc002.jpg cc003.jpg cc004.jpg

Kylee - Bere Alston

Before going on holiday,

my garden looked like this...

When I came back,

Marriott Services had built my deck. and it now looks like this...

dd001.jpg dd002.jpg

Sana and Tom

Marriott Services moved us in to our new home, then helped with some gardening. Thanks for all your hard work guys

ee001.jpg ee011.jpg ff003.jpg ff004.jpg

I also used Marriott Services to move me into my new house, then asked them to work on the garden.

ff001.jpg ff002.jpg

Patrick & Kerry have worked wonders with my garden.

My parents recommended them to me after doing some work for them.

 I don’t have a great deal of time to spend on the garden but wanted to keep some of the colour.

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