All our garden make-overs are to customers requirements and specifications.

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Rita wanted a more useable space in her back garden

I wanted to put my house up for sale but the garden needed some attention.

Patrick & Kerry totally transformed it

at a very low cost.

“Thanks -Jess”

pp001.jpg pp002.jpg

Thank you Patrick & Kerry


mm001.jpg mm002.jpg nn001.jpg nn002.jpg

mike02.jpg mike03.jpg mike04.jpg

Mike and Julie drew up some basic ideas and asked us to transform the whole garden.

“This has made the space so much bigger and easier to maintain

Thank You Patrick”

mike05.jpg mike06.jpg

Jo asked for a safer environment for her child to play but keep some colour

We hadn’t used the rear garden for a long time and the pool was no longer useable.

Now, we have a lovely deck to sunbath on

Mr Clarke

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Dave wanted to replace their tatty fence and get some privacy

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