Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

in Plymouth

at the right price

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Driveways, Garden Paths, Steps, Decking, Fences, Walls

Gutters & Fascia

Using a good old fashioned bucket of water and clean cloths.

Cleaning, Unblocking and Re-Fitting Rubber Seals at the joint

Gutter Cleaning

Pressure Washing

The majority of people don’t realise that they need Pressure Washing until after it’s been done and you can see the difference.

These steps were Slippy & Dangerous

They came up like new and now they’re safe

Gutter & Fascia Cleaning

You don’t have to replace your guttering just because it’s dirty and leaking.

This home-owner got 2 quotes.

The other company told her that the gutter was leaking due to age and needed replacing

We cleaned & unblocked it.

Problem sorted at a fraction of the cost

And it came out looking like new

We offer FREE quotes with no obligations

So you’ve got nothing to lose

Marriott Services - 01752 246170

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